5 Brilliant Apps That Will Make Your Life Better | Knapsack Creative Co.
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5 Brilliant Apps That Will Make Your Life Better | Knapsack Creative Co.

5 Brilliant Apps That Will Make Your Life Better | Knapsack Creative Co.

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Things cultured code trial free.This $50 app organized my entire life — here’s how it works

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The apps are available on Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. Check out our 15 day free trial of Things for Mac. For Mac. macOS + $ (US). Get things done! The award-winning Things app helps you plan your day, manage your projects, and make real progress toward your goals. You can download our Mac trial version here and use it without limitations for 14 days. It requires macOS This option is only available to apps.


Things cultured code trial free.Things Beta Program


So I started by purchasing the iPad version. After a while, I upgraded the iPhone version, then eventually, the macOS version as well. You might like it too. A new task in Things can include a title, notes, a number of dates, tags, and a checklist of subtasks. You only really need to add a title — everything else is optional, but may be helpful. Once you have a list of items, you can change their order by simple drag-and-drop, and check off the items you complete with a click of the mouse.

By default, checked items remain in your list for the rest of the day, to give you a sense of progress and accomplishment. Itemizing all of the steps need to accomplish a project is important for productivity.

Say you want to paint your bedroom. It helps to list all the steps: choose the colors, buy paint, move furniture, paint the walls. In Things, a project is a single list of tasks. It starts with a title and description, and you can group your tasks by adding headings.

If you drag and drop a heading to a different location, all of the associated tasks are moved with it. As you check off each completed item, Things displays a pie chart next to the project title to show your progress.

Not all tasks are associated with a date. Many tasks just need to be done when you can — preferably this century. But other tasks are closely tied to dates, and Things is very flexible, offering a number of ways to work with them.

The first type of date is the one we all expect: the due date , or deadline. We all understand deadlines. Deadlines can be added to any task or project. Most task management apps do this. Things goes further by helpfully allowing you add a few other types of dates. My favorite is the start date. That includes phoning my sister for her birthday, submitting my taxes, and putting the garbage bins out. The only things I see on my list are items I can take action on today.

Another helpful date feature is Reminders. After I set a start date, I can have Things pop up a notification to remind me at a certain time.

These can repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, and have associated deadlines and reminders. What are your favorite apps? Cart 0. Back Website Design Support Plan. I love a well-designed app. Things Simple but powerful task management Things by Cultured Code is the epitome of a well-designed productivity app. The left sidebar shows how Things 3 organizes all your information, and the folders at the bottom are divisions that I created myself, for Life, Work, and Projects.

The main part of the screen shows your Inbox, where you can drop in any free thoughts you have lying around so you can organize them later. A nice bonus: If you use Apple’s Calendar and Reminders apps, you can import all of your events and reminders with a single button press. As you can see, I have a meeting at noon, and I also need to write my Things 3 re— oh man that’s right now!

I should do that! Sadly, there are no options to bold or italicize text, or change text size or font. But you don’t really need that stuff unless you’re writing very complex notes. What’s nice about Things 3 is the ability to also create headers, or different divisions within a larger project or area like this one. In this case, I created headers for “Things to buy” and “Things to move,” since re-imagining my den is going to require both of those tasks. What’s nice about Things 3 is that it has more tools than you might need.

For example, I rarely use the scheduling tools right now — but if I ever encounter a time-sensitive project, this feature will absolutely come in handy. Still, despite the abundance of tools, Cultured Code has managed to simplify the art of organization and make it work for categorizing small thoughts and big projects alike.

All in all, I wish more apps looked like this. If you are like me and use one app for work and personal tasks, this can be a nice way to separate things out a bit. The update also brings in-app search, calendar integration, multi-window support on the Mac, Touch Bar support, an update Apple Watch app and more.