About Us
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About Us

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Dr Shahzad Mirza

A smile is the most important thing on a face as it makes one look attractive and presentable. It is not only limited to the persona because the thoughts and personalities of people communicate through their smiles. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a perfect smile – with the best gum health, teeth alignment, and dental hygiene. Dr. Shahzad Mirza, along with his professional team of experienced dentists at Dental Aesthetics, can help you gain a dreamy smile in less complex and non-invasive ways.
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The specialized dentists at Dental Aesthetics are the BEST in dentistry
and always provide the right treatment to give every patient their dream smile.

Smile Now. Pay Later.

Dr. Shahzad Mirza is a Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Certified cosmetic & aesthetic dentist. He is a graduate of King’s College London, holding an MSc in Advanced Aesthetics & Restorative Dentistry.