sony VegasProにて動画が認識しない -質問させていただきます。MUSONの- ビデオカメラ | 教えて!goo
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sony VegasProにて動画が認識しない -質問させていただきます。MUSONの- ビデオカメラ | 教えて!goo

sony VegasProにて動画が認識しない -質問させていただきます。MUSONの- ビデオカメラ | 教えて!goo

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Reply to this Discussion! Login or Sign Up. I am trying to import a video mp4 format to Sony Vegas Pro 13, the very same mp4 video that I could use before I reinstalled the whole OS Windows 10 last month. I already installed Quick Time 7. Thanks in advance. Can the evil videos be opened in Quicktime?

Or Win Media Player? Is there a copy of Gspot available to see which codecs are used to read file? Uninstall and make sure that there are no remnants of those packs. If you must have them, install them on another computer. Hi, thanks both to the reply. Is there a particular codec I must uninstall?

Thanks again, and sorry for my english. Just post a screenshot of GSpot and is quicktime installed on the machine. Vegas uses Quicktime to access. Also Third Party codec pack seem to rely heavily on ffmpeg and may replace the sony versions of the codec which was licensed and modified for use in Vegas.

It is generally considered best practice to use the codecs provided and installed by the NLE editors authors. I made an screenshot, on the right you can see I installed QT last month, as first try to solve the issue. I had k-lite codec pack installed when I could.

Maybe I should install another codecs for those files? Thanks a lot again. Ok lets try VLC. Open a video that will not open in Vegas. In VLC under tools menu look for Codec information.

This will give the codecs used to open the file. The same can be done with quicktime. By the way do you have Quicktime Pro installed? If you do, then Quicktime can be used to frame serve to Vegas. So once you know the codec used to open the files then comes the hard part of finding out if the codec is available for Vegas to use. Obviously the Codec is available on the machine or other players could not open it either. That is why I wish to know what VLC says it is using.

Windows Media player can open the files, so the codecs are available. The question is in what order was Vegas and the codec pack installed on the machine that worked before. Was vegas installed first and then the codec pack? Or was the codec pack installed before Vegas.

Was the order of installation the same in both versions of the Windows installation. Either way, For myself were I faced with this problem I would first do a clean install.

Uninstall Codec pack and Vegas using an uninstaller like Geek. There is a free version available from them here. Do not instal a codec pack. Hey you might end up like me and like it. I had the same issue. I would uninstall Quicktime 7. My issue was with later versions of Quicktime and I have not had any need for the later versions. My system specs: Intel i7 k 4. Russ: I am attatching the capture with the codec.

Not sure why Vegas is not opening it as it is a simple mp4 codec, if I remember it well. I installed k-lite before Sony Vegas, if I am not wrong, but tried reinstalling it few time ago when SV was already installed. About using something else than Vegas, I am not sure if I would adapt to use a new program as I am using SV since years and I am very used to using it.

Problem was there without k-lite codec pack so I am not sure that could be a problem. Manage Cookie Preferences. We use anonymous cookies to give you the best experience we can. Creative Communities of the World Forums The peer to peer support community for media production professionals. Dhanen Moteuchi June 1, at am. Russ Froze June 1, at am. Hi Dhanen 3rd party codecs packs are notorious for creating havoc with NLE software.

MediaInfo on your file s would help. Dhanen Moteuchi June 1, at pm. Russ Froze June 1, at pm. Dhanen Moteuchi June 2, at am. Russ Froze June 5, at am.

Good Luck, let me know if this helps. Dhanen Moteuchi June 6, at pm. Thanks again. Log in to reply.



Sony vegas pro 13 mp4 not working free download


Although Sony Vegas announces it does support MP4 as one of the input formats, sometimes people still have problem in importing MP4 files into Sony Vegas. Let’s see some examples:. The reason people can’t import MP4 files into Sony Vegas is that MP4 contains various kinds of audio, video, subtitles and images, etc which is not accepted by Sony Vegas since Sony Vegas sony vegas pro 13 mp4 not working free download only compatible with several codes in MP4 file.

It also supports converting almost all kinds of audio files to successfully import them to Sony Vegas. The following are just the steps to let you know how to convert MP4 to Sony Vegas with it. Step 1 Add MP4 file Downliad import MP4 file that need to convert, just drag and drop it to the main interface of this converter. Step 3 Finish the conversion What you need to do in the last step is click the big “Convert” button on the dodnload right corner of this program to start MP4 to Sony Vegas conversion.

One of these kinds of codec is K-Lite Codec Pack. The biggest drawback of this method is you install all kinds of codecs and components while installing K-Lite Codec Pack. Sony Vegas Pro is a video editing suite aimed at professionals needing to produce high quality HD videos. From version 8. For unsupported file formats and codecs, you should install Third-party codecs.

I encountered some problems while trying to open. The MP4 files are recorded by Mirillis Action. How can I sony vegas pro 13 mp4 not working free download mp4 videos on Sony Vegas 11?

Maybe someone can help me out. The prk for the error could not be determined”. How to open MP4 files in Sony Vegas successfully? I have Sony Vegas 9 to edit my videos. The Xbox что microsoft office 2013 advanced ebook free download Это are produced as MP4 files. Free Download Free Download.

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Easily Solve “Sony Vegas Can’t Open MP4” Issue.動画編集・作曲ソフト 6月スペシャル・パック|ソースネクスト


MP4 into Sony Vegas , shadowplay mp4 won’t import into sony vegas , sony vegas 13 mp4 codec , sony vegas 13 won’t import mp4 , sony vegas 13 won’t read mp4 , sony vegas 16 mp4 , sony vegas can’t open mp4 , sony vegas mp4 codec download , sony vegas mp4 import blac screen , sony vegas open gopro hd recorded mp4 problem , vegas 18 import add read issue. Sony Vegas Pro makes it easy to import and edit movies, images and music for creating your next video or audio masterpiece.

However, it will be a frustrating thing if you have problems of importing video files to Sony Vegas, especially the video files are the so common MP4 files. The headache issues with Sony Vegas dealing MP4 files may causes by hardware issue or codec issue. First make sure your computer is powerful enough and has enough disk space as Sony Vegas requires your computer be powerful enough and have enough disk space for video editing.

If your computer is powerful enough and you have enough space on your hard drive, but still have problem of importing MP4 to Sony Vegas, the issues can be caused by the unsupported audio and video codecs packed in the MP4 container. However, Installing K Lite Codec Pack also installs all kinds of codes and components which may brings unknown issues for your computer.

Hello Jason, I am sorry to hear your issue. Would you please decribe your problem in detail? As it is said in the article: Installing K Lite Codec Pack also installs all kinds of codes and components which may brings unknown issues for your computer. So please try to uninstall the codec pack following the steps: 1. Close all applications.

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the removal. If there are other entries for codec packs in Programs And Features, then repeat Steps 4 and 5 for that codec pack. Restart the computer. When Vegas Pro opens with no issue, you can refer to Method 2 in the article to solve the MP4 import issue. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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