Update for System Center Configuration Manager version , first wave
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Update for System Center Configuration Manager version , first wave

Update for System Center Configuration Manager version , first wave

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Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft Office Bit Edition. This update provides the latest fixes to Microsoft Office Bit Edition. Additionally, this update contains stability and performance improvements.

Details Version:. File Name:. Date Published:. Other Office applications get a variety of minor additions, such as data connectors in Access now being able to import data from or link to data stored in Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce. In Word, you can now create and edit equations using LaTeX syntax. What IT needs to know: This update includes several security fixes for Outlook.

Because of the security fixes, the update should be applied soon. This non-security update fixes a variety of very minor bugs, including one in Excel in which errors appear when trying to save changes to documents synced with the OneDrive client.

The update also fixes a bug in Word that prevents shapes within the drawing canvas from being rotated. This security update fixes two security vulnerabilities in Excel and one in the Office suite overall.

Both holes in Excel are memory corruption vulnerabilities. Attackers who exploit either could run arbitrary code as the current user. If the current user is logged on with administrative user rights, an attacker could take control of the system. The overall Office hole is a remote code execution vulnerability, which would also allow attackers to take control of the system if the current user is logged on with administrative user rights.

This feature update lets you choose a personal set of pens, highlighters and pencils in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Choose them for one of the applications, and the same ones become available in the other two. In addition, when you insert pictures from the internet in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, attribution information for the pictures is inserted along with the pictures themselves. In PowerPoint, when you create a chart, Designer will recommend designs for it based on the slide type and content in it.

Excel gets a small Ribbon addition: You can now insert superscripts or subscripts by choosing Effects from the Font group on the Ribbon. You can also add subscripts and superscripts to the Quick Access toolbar. In addition, Outlook has gotten a new wizard for setting up new email accounts. This security update closes a variety of holes in Outlook, Skype for Business, Word, and the overall Office suite, including remote code execution vulnerabilities in Outlook, Word and Office.

The update also fixes a minor bug in Excel in which Excel doesn’t set the sheet protection password when applied programmatically for workbooks created in Excel or earlier. PowerPoint lets you add closed captions to videos, and Designer now recommends design ideas for charts added to your slides.

This update fixes two minor bugs in OneNote and Outlook, one where the Outlook navigation pane stops rendering when the PC is low on memory, and one in which the OneNote canvas hides content or updates when many paragraphs are in view.

With this feature update, Excel users can now personalize the default PivotTable layout and more easily import data from various sources. What IT needs to know: With this update, admins can deploy and update add-ins for Excel, PowerPoint and Word to users or groups from the Office admin center. This security update fixes assorted holes, including remote code execution vulnerabilities throughout Office, Word and Skype for Business.

In this feature update, PowerPoint gets a QuickStarter feature, which creates an outline of the topic of your presentation, and offers suggestions for design and talking points. A new Activity button in the upper right corner of Excel, PowerPoint and Word lets you see when a file shared in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint was shared, edited, renamed or restored. This security update fixes two holes in Outlook, one of which allows an attacker to take control of a PC and install programs; view, change or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights.

It also fixes a remote code execution vulnerability in Office and WordPad that allows attackers to do the same thing. PST files. With this feature update, PowerPoint gets a digital ruler that make it easier to draw straight lines or align a set of objects on touch screens. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook get a new tool that lets you remove picture backgrounds to make the main image stand out more.

In Word, you can use a new Side to Side command on the View tab that lets you flip through a document two pages at a time on a touch screen. Those with non-touch screens can use the horizontal scroll bar or mouse wheel to move through the pages. With this feature and bug-killing update, you can use a digital pen in Word to select and change objects. In Outlook you can collaborate in real time on attachments uploaded to OneDrive for Business.

A variety of bugs have also been fixed throughout Office, including an image-cropping bug in PowerPoint that caused the cropped portion of the image to appear dark.

This update fixes minor issues in OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business, including one in which Skype hangs when multiple conversation windows are open simultaneously. This feature update lets you see who has made changes to shared files in Word, PowerPoint and Excel and lets you restore earlier versions of the files. The update also lets you use a digital pen to select and change objects in Excel.

It also lets you create a PowerPoint presentation composed of recorded slides, screen recordings and inserted videos, and share it to be viewed remotely. In this feature update, collaboration capabilities are grouped together on the Ribbon for Word and PowerPoint.

In addition, in PowerPoint, multiple users can edit different elements in a SmartArt graphic simultaneously. What IT needs to know: An AD RMS rights policy template setting will ensure that the “Grant owner author full control right with no expiration” setting is honored when applied to new Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, especially if the setting is disabled.

If the setting is disabled, the user will see a warning that applying the template might restrict access to the document. This feature update makes it easy to de-clutter your inbox by quickly moving an item stored in your Inbox or any other folder to an archive folder.

It also introduces the Groups feature to Outlook, which lets you collaborate and communicate with others by storing all of your project or team information, such as emails, discussions and events, in one shared location. This feature update lets you use your finger or pen to write and draw, and use the tools on the new Draw tab to highlight content in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Funnel charts, which display values as progressively decreasing proportions, have been added to Excel. In PowerPoint, when collaborating on a presentation with others, you can see which slide they are working on. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider. Check out the latest Insider stories here. More from the Foundry Network. Windows 10 Insider Previews: A guide to the builds. Windows A guide to the updates. Office release calendar: Mark FAQ: Windows 10, now with more upgrade Show More.

Previous 1 2 3 Page 3 Page 3 of 3. You do not have to install this update if update KB is installed. An update is available to administrators who opted in through a PowerShell script to the first wave early update ring deployment for System Center Configuration Manager current branch, version You can access the update in the Updates and Servicing node of the Configuration Manager console.

This update addresses important, late-breaking issues that were resolved after version became available globally. This article contains information about the most significant changes. This update does not apply to sites that downloaded version on April 2, or a later date. Therefore, it will not be listed in the Administrator Console for those sites. The client version 5. They are basically identical releases. The different version numbers indicate only which installation path was taken.

The clients that have version 5. The Configuration Manager console may terminate and return an exception when the Run Script wizard is closed. The Deadline time value cannot be changed in Phase Properties after a new phased deployment is created. The Management insights node in Configuration Manager console does not display empty collections, even if those collections are selected as Action Needed. Heartbeat discovery and hardware inventory data from Server Core installations of Windows Server are not processed.

Hierarchy Manager reports errors on a secondary site after Configuration Manager is upgraded to version Errors entries that resemble the following are recorded in the hman. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo. A Configuration Manager client does not function as a Peer Cache client if there are many thousands of cached items.



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Microsoft Office Version (Build C2R) Re Download!! this version adds the following features to Microsoft E1: as a free. Download Update for Microsoft Office (KB) Bit Edition from Official Microsoft Download Center · Microsoft · Power BI · Update.