Download 4GB Patch .Download DIALux lighting design software
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Download 4GB Patch .Download DIALux lighting design software

Download 4GB Patch .Download DIALux lighting design software

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Windows 10 pro mit 4gb ram free download

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PC gaming is favored by all the geeks out there. While not everyone has the facility to play with a high-end PC with the best graphic support, here is our list of best games for 4GB RAM which are playable without graphic cards in your device.

PC gaming has a different place in our hearts and no other device can take its place. Most of you reading this might have been playing PC games for a long time and some of the games on the list are popular. Note: Some of the games require tweaking for your system type to run smoothly. There will be some graphic compromises you will have to make in order to enjoy the game smoothly.

Keep in mind you need to change your graphic and other settings in the game to maximize the performance and results in each of the games. Note: Do note that these are only popular titles from the best game developers in the world. They do have some other parts but only the best are listed here. Also, the download links will be from the official sites as we do not support piracy of the games.

This is the first one from the trilogies of the Ezio Collection. This starts with the popular character Ezio Auditore da Firenze who was born in Italy and later joins the protagonists to fight the templars for freedom. The game portrays how being from a total idiot, he became one of the most powerful assassins in the world. This part takes us back to the s in Italy and during the Italian Renaissance. The character is fictional and so is the story but the game is a masterpiece and playing it in takes us back to the time of the real Assassins creed and the medieval era of gaming.

This is the second edition to the Ezio Collection which brings us to a major change in the game, The Multiplayer Mode. This was the first game in the Assassins Creed legacy to feature a multiplayer mode and had 8 modes for players worldwide to engage in.

This game also brings us some changes related to combats and fights with some new guns and abilities for the player in-game. This is the last edition in the trilogy of the Ezio Collection. This features an old age Ezio Auditore da Firenze with the most powerful weapons and an upgrade over the regular hand blades. Rest there are some multiplayer changes but the storyline features all three characters which are involved in multiple things in the game.

The most common similarities in this trilogy are the popularity of Ezio among the ladies. Being old he still has the charm to attract the ladies of his town. Sadly, this is the end of the series and Ubisoft started to create the next games with a different storyline.

One of the latest includes Assassins Creed: Valhalla which was announced last month. The game became so popular it sold thousands of copies within months and has sold over 2.

It features different modes, tactics weapons that users can use to interact with the environment. Although the story might feel a little outdated for now, the gameplay is still good for low-end PC users. The success of this game resulted in the launch of multiple sequels which brought huge popularity of the Far Cry Series in the market. The second edition in the Far Cry sequels launched 4 years after the first part, gained some huge success within a year of the launch.

The game sold more than 3 million copies by January It follows the typical storyline of mercenary hunting a drug dealer. The gameplay is an FPS that gives the players an ever deep experience of the game. The story takes place in Central Africa during the Civil War which allows the users to engage in a different scenario with deserts, jungles, and savannas.

The third and must required upgrade over the previous edition in the Far Cry series. Ubisoft did an amazing job here upgrading the graphics of the game to make it realistic. This game features a pirates storyline when a group of friends is captured by some pirates who think they own the land.

The main character, later on, becomes a top-rated assassin whose objective is to kill the leader of the pirates. This is one of the most popular games launched in is also considered as the best selling game of all time. Within 24 hours of launch, the game had sold more than , copies making it the fast-selling game of all time.

The story features the mobs and gang wars in Miami. The main character named Tommy Vercetti in quest of achieving the highest rank in the league of the gang with the support of his partner after getting out of prison after 15 years. Featured story in Los Angeles during the s and s, the gang wars and scandals. This game is a huge upgrade over the previous one supporting many new features that were missed in the earlier version of the GTA games.

This game was popular for quite a while until the launch of GTA: V but people with budget PCs still like to play the older games which can run without any lag. Valve has given the users some good games to enjoy and one of the best games is CSGO. The game is popular because of the multiplayer version.

The players can connect with each other on a global level for competitive matchmaking. This game has seen the rising of many players in the E-Sports and the era of online gaming took a huge bump after this game was launched. While it may have had some ups and downs, it still stands as the most popular online game of all time with millions of players engaged in the game every day. This might be different from other sites considering the game has gone through a lot of upgrades and it runs on these configurations after decreasing the graphics.

The spec sheet on other sites might be outdated and not contain more information regarding this. It revolved around an LAPD detective who investigates the murder of his wife and child in the whole scene.

This title is specific for the player who wants to dwell deeper into the sniping games. This is one of the premium sniping games where you need to be a stealthy and clean assassin. The factors required in the game for the perfect success is the bullet trajectory, wind velocity and etc.

Whatever is required for a sniper to make the shot accurate should be taken care of in the game. This is an open-world adventure game featuring a different storyline, unlike other games. Critics had a lot to say about the originality of the game and it got a lot of popular reviews in the market. He starts a journey on finding his true self and eliminating all those involved in destroying his city.

Following up a year after the previous incidents in manhattan, the story continues when a US Marine Sergeant James Heller investigates the murder of his wife and daughter gets infected from Alex Mercer and both come to a truce about solving the case once and for all.

He later realizes Mercer becomes the main villain of the game. Finishing the old character and winning the game after absorbing all the powers of Alex Mercer, James rescues his daughter which was alive and makes the city plague free.

This is a First-Person Shooter which was popular before the game was launched in the market. The game after being set for pre-order had a million copies in demand from gamers worldwide. It includes campaign and multiplayer to engage the players with the best graphics of the era.

The game was the fastest-selling game in after it was launched. As the name suggests, it follows the military-related story campaign with lots of perks. The developers went ahead and even launched some DLCs for the players, later on, to keep the hype alive. This game broke all the previous records which were achieved by other prequels in the COD series. The storyline is based on similar special ops and military-related hunting down a Russian terrorist.

With positive reviews from critics and has won many awards, this game sold 6. A MOBA multiple online battle arena based game which is developed by Valve is now one of the most played games in the gaming industry. This game features a 5 v 5 mode between two teams who set up a base and need to fight each other and defend their base to claim the ultimate victory.

This is not a piece of cake for everyone and while it may be free for everyone, there is a learning phase in the game that takes time to master. This game is not just played among friends and similar to CSGO, it features some of the E-Sports tournaments with the best players in the game fighting for the Ultimate Championship. A premium title in the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider adventure sequel and a mere remake of the original Tomb Raid which was launched in The game was launched to dedicate the 10 years of the game in the industry.

The game was not a huge hit but got some attention due to the existing popularity of the Tomb Raider series. Currently, the market has some good games from the developer including Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. As the name suggests, the game is an online multiplayer which features 4 survivors on a location fighting against a herd of zombies that have gone full psychotic.

The players can choose a weapon at the beginning and all 4 members of a team need to help each other in order to survive the apocalypse. Players can revive teammates if anyone goes down before finally getting finished off by the zombies.

This game is multiplayer which means you can play with your friends and help each other out during the battle. Playing with the unknown is not favored by some people. Hitman is another popular series and this one is the best title for players with budget PCs. The game is based on the regular stealth that is required in the Hitman series and Agent 47 being the main character of the game. The story is a follow up after the previously launched Hitman: Bloodmoney. He kills his old handler for betraying the agency but she is later proved to be alive.

The plot is interesting with a lot of hidden ideas for gamers to follow. For all the gamers out there who have a thing for cars and racing games, this is it. The players need to select a car to face off against the rest of the opponents in different modes of their choice.

Please do note that this best games for 4GB RAM list was made after keeping in mind that the players need to reduce their quality in some games to the lowest for optimal performance. Games like CSGO are demanding games and need a graphic upgrade to unlock the full potential. Along with this, you need a basic graphic card with GB video memory to support the game.

Intel graphics is the best recommendation when it comes to this game. Nevertheless, if you like to play games occasionally, there are the best games for 4GB RAM that can run a good amount of games and the most popular titles in the market.

This totally depends on the users and their demands. If your gaming demands are high, you can opt for a graphic card to run the best games else the dedicated memory these days is enough to run some of the popular titles.


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Download Windows (Current release: Windows 11 Update l Version 22H2). There are three options for installing or creating Windows 11 media. Alexa Hands-Free capable: Download the Alexa app on to use Alexa hands-free. Play music, make calls, hear news, open apps, navigate, and more, using just your. Am using redmi note 10 pro max global will I get that feature. FatShady, 29 Jun most of the time i have over 3 to 4gb of ram free.