Kaspersky internet security for windows 10 free
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Kaspersky internet security for windows 10 free

Kaspersky internet security for windows 10 free

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Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows – Download it from Uptodown for free

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Get award-winning antivirus plus a range of tools built to guard your private life and identity. It also includes:. Protect up to 10 of your Mac, Windows and Android devices in any combination. Manage all your devices, licenses, renewals and settings easily from your My Kaspersky account. You download the software straight from our website. Simply complete your purchase and the download link will appear on the order confirmation page. The same download link will also be sent to you in an order confirmation email.

Please note, you will need your activation code to use your security application. This code will be displayed on your order confirmation page, as well as emailed to you. When purchasing your license, simply select how many devices you want to protect.

During your license period, you can protect any combination of device types up to the total number of devices your license covers. For example, you could select a 3-device license to protect a Windows PC, Macbook and Android mobile. Plus, you can swap devices at any time, for example by removing the Macbook and adding an iPad.

Yes, you will get the latest version of the software and all upgrades subsequently released during your subscription term. You can download, install, activate and start using the software immediately after your purchase. All transactions on our website are completely secure. We use cookies to make your experience of our websites better. By using and further navigating this website you accept this. Detailed information about the use of cookies on this website is available by clicking on more information.

Skip to main. Webcam Protection to stop unauthorized access to your webcam. Compatible with:. Kaspersky Internet Security. Full-scale protection from cyberthreats. Our three-layer defense engine works tirelessly to guard your devices and data. Real-time protection Blocks cyberthreats before they take hold. Watch the video. Ultra-reliable privacy protection. Secured network. Safe money. Real-Time Antivirus Continuously scans your devices for viruses, worms, Trojans, cryptolockers, rootkits and spyware — guarding you from both new and established online threats.

This includes the detection of the EternalBlue and SMBloris exploits, both of which can crash operating systems and make your computers unusable. Instant Threat Detection Delivers real-time, non-stop analysis of files, applications, and websites across your computers and Android devices, safeguarding you and your data with rapid threat detection. More info. Two-Way Firewall Windows Only Helps you prevent hacker attacks against your PC by providing you with both incoming and outgoing network request detection.

Payment Protection Works on your Mac and PC by diverting you to a bank-grade protected browser when you make an online transaction.

Preventing your credit card details and financial data getting intercepted by hackers. This enables suspicious activity to be blocked instantly, stopping ransomware attacks from locking you out of your machines. App Lock Lets you protect apps on your Android devices by locking them with hack-proof security. Once you protect an app, it can only be unlocked with a private PIN code, by drawing a secret pattern or with your fingerprint. High-tech scanning detects complex threats like hard-to-detect fileless attacks.

Malicious Link Detector Works by referencing data from the Kaspersky Security Network to analyse links on webpages you open, informing you about malicious web addresses and colour coding individual URLs based on their threat level. Application Control Prevents untrustworthy apps from accessing critical system processes and your personal data.

Custom Hardened Browser Triggers screen alerts if you attempt to visit sites considered dangerous or potentially dangerous. It makes this assessment using a list of sites that have been attacked previously, and asks you if you wish to proceed or not. Anti-Phishing Guards you from spoof sites and emails created by cybercriminals to steal your identity.

It identifies sophisticated scams and sends you warning alerts if phishing activity is detected. Private Browsing Blocks the websites and social network platforms you visit on your Mac and PC from tracking your activities and collecting your private data.

Preventing them from targeting you with annoying and intrusive ads. Webcam Protection Stops unauthorized access to your webcam on Windows PC and Mac so nobody can watch you in your home. It alerts you when an app tries to use your website and lets you block unwanted ones or grant permission to trusted ones.

Upon detecting an attack, it blocks network activity from the attacking computer for one hour and sends you an alert with the option of blocking it for longer. If you are happy to be served ads by particular sites, you can favorite these so you continue to see ads when you visit them. Keylogger Protection Windows Only Automatically stops keyloggers from recording your keystrokes on your Windows PC, helping to protect your passwords, bank details and other confidential information when you enter them on your keyboard.

Application Manager Allows you to easily remove the applications you consider inappropriate. With Do-Not-Disturb mode on, your Kaspersky security product does not run scans and display notifications. So that you could watch movies, play games, or use full-screen apps without any interference. Device Security Dashboard My Kaspersky account allows you to configure individual features and settings, allowing you to manage your security from anywhere and store your activation codes safely.

One license covers all your devices Select from our 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 device license options to get the all-round protection you need. Frequently Asked Questions. How do I download and install the application? How many devices can I protect? Will I get the latest version? How quickly can I start using the application?

Which payment methods do you accept? Choose the protection that’s right for you Explore the security features in each of our products below.

Essential Suite. Advanced Suite. Premium Suite. System Requirements Operating System. Technical Requirements. Detailed System Requirements.



Kaspersky Internet Security Download Free – Last Version.Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows – Download it from Uptodown for free

Frequently Asked Questions. Адрес страницы your Kaspersky protection Existing users can get fod latest version of Kaspersky products below. Skip to main. Very effective protection and is very stable- but is heavy and sometimes uses up all CPU. This app is also available under the license for Kaspersky Security Cloud. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver. Try this instead.